Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Coded Message

4 M3RRY CHR157M4S 4ND A H4PPY N3W Y34R T0 4LL 7H3 FUN 4ND M47H P4R7N3R 5CH00L5!!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Wrapping Presents

A Maria está a embrulhar os presentes para os seus amigos e tem fitas azuis, verdes e amarelas. Ela tem também papel de embrulho laranja e encarnado. Quantas combinações de papel e fitas pode a Maria fazer?
Mary is wrapping the presents for her friends and she has blue, green and yellow ribbons. She has also orange and red wrapping paper. How many combinations of paper and ribbons can Mary do?

Christmas Ornaments

O Carlos tem oito anos e decidiu contar os seus enfeites de Natal e reparou que tinha bolas, anjos e estrelas de 5 pontas na sua árvore que perfaziam um total de 33 enfeites :
Então disse à mãe:
- Mãe na nossa árvore temos o mesmo número de bolas que a minha idade, o mesmo número de asas de anjos que a tua e o mesmo número de pontas de estrela que a idade da avó.

a) Que idade poderão ter a mãe e a avó do Carlos?
b) Quantas bolas, anjos e estrelas poderá ter a árvore do Carlos?

Carlos is eight years old and decided to count the Christmas ornaments on his tree and noticed that he had balls, angels and stars in a total of 33 ornaments like these:
Then he said to his mother:
- Mummy, on our tree we have the same number of balls than my age, the same number of angels' wings than your age and the same number of star edges than the age of grandmother.

a) How old could be the mother and the grandmother of Carlos?

b) How many balls, angels and stars may have Carlos' tree?

3rd Grade - Colégio Monte Flor - Portugal

Presents for Everyone

Sabendo que existem no planeta de crianças, faz a estimativa de quantos presentes teriam o Pai Natal e os duendes de fazer por dia, durante um ano com 365 dias?

Knowing that there are 2 billion children on the planet, estimate how many presents have Santa Claus and the elves to make a day in a 365 days year?
3rd Grade - Colégio Monte Flor - Portugal

Thursday, 22 December 2011


Christmas tree equation

Λίγο πριν τα Χριστούγεννα οι μαθητές έψαξαν στην αποθήκη του σχολείου να βρουν τα περσινά χριστουγεννιάτικα δέντρα και να στολίσουν τις 17 αίθουσες του σχολείου. Βρήκαν 6 πράσινα, 8 χιονισμένα και μερικά άσπρα. Πόσα ήταν τα άσπρα δεντράκια;
(να λυθεί με εξίσωση)

Few days before Christmas some pupils went down the school’s basement to find last year’s Christmas trees. They wanted to decorate the 17 study rooms of their school. In the basement they found 6 green trees, 8 trees with fake snow on them and some white trees. How many are the white trees?
(you should solve it using an equation)

Merry Christmas everyone and happy new year 
from the pupils of 6th grade, 13th primary school of Drama, Greece

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Santa wants to find out :-)

Santa Claus has got ten gifts in his bag. He has  to give them to ten kids. One gift has to stay in Santa's bag.So how he's going to give  gifts  to ten kids?


Christmas tree:
Move three matches  to get four triangles.

Santa wants to find out the numbers.

Someone has stolen Santa's wish list. He doesn't know how many presents he still has to prepare. Help him and guess what is the number ?

5 3
3 3 1
2 1 2 1 
1 1 1 1 1  

There are 9 snowmen in the box. They have got 9 baby-snowmen. How many legs are there in the box ? :-) Be wise ;-) 

Rūta , Arminas, Gabrielė and Greda 5 a


Monday, 12 December 2011


How to measure out 1 liter of water when you have got 3 and 5 liter containers?

On the map of Vilnius the distance between the Seimas and the Cathedral Square is 1 cm. The real distance between the objects is 1 km. What is the scale of the map?

Rugilė 5a

Saturday, 10 December 2011



Sunday, 4 December 2011

We've got an idea for X-mas

Dear Friends,

Our students are waiting for your tasks:-) Be active. Let's create some activities about Christmas:-)

Laima and Lina

Do you know

Room ceiling plaster edge had 24 m of decorative tape. What is the length of the room, if we know that the width is 4 m.

Goda 5a 

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

        Three plums weight as a peach. A plum and a peach weight as an apple. If an apple and six plums weight as a melon, how many plums weight as a melon?

Monday, 21 November 2011

More tasks from Lithuania

  • How many is          111111111111111111111111x0=???
  •  How many zeros will be in a product?
    20 * 40 * 50 * 60 =???
  • Three hens lay 3 eggs per 3 days. How many eggs will 12 hens lay per 12 days?
  • Mummy bought 3 muffins for her 3daughters: Jane, Sally and Polly. One muffin is with apples, the other- with pears and the third one is with poppies. Sally hates apples and poppies, Jane hates pears and Polly likes everything. Help mummy to share muffins to her daughters:-)
  • Jack and Sam are students. Their surnames are Black and Green. Which surnames have Jack and Sam got if we know that Green and Jack don't like History?
  • Good luck
  • Greda 5a
  • Lithuania

Sunday, 20 November 2011

The equation

Insert +  /-  / x  /:   to make the equation correct
(22   8)  5  3 =3

Arminas 5a


Friends decided to go to the football match. Some of them bought 3 tickets and paid 75 euros.The others paid 125 euros for the same tickets. How many tickets did they buy?

Evelina 5a

Find the secret number

Today is a chilly day but we hope the sun will warm us up a little. Winter is here my friends! If you stay indoors, grab a paper and a pencil and have fun with the blog’s drills. Good luck :)

Ο Γιώργος σκέφτηκε έναν αριθμό. Στη συνέχεια έκανε με αυτόν τις εξής πράξεις: πρώτα διαίρεσε τον αριθμό με το 9, μετά στο αποτέλεσμα που βρήκε πρόσθεσε 9, έπειτα το αποτέλεσμα που βρήκε το πολλαπλασίασε με το 9 και βρήκε 999.Ποιόν αριθμό έβαλε στο μυαλό του ο Γιώργος;

George jotted down a number and he performed the following calculations:
  • First, he divided this number by 9.
  • He added 9 to the result.
  • Then, he multiplied the outcome with 9 and he got as final result the number 999.
Can you find the number George jotted down?

6th grade, 13th primary school of Drama, Greece

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Eggs and Boxes

O Sr. Silva pode guardar os ovos das suas galinhas em caixas que levam 6 ovos ou em caixas que levam 12 ovos. Qual o menor número de caixas que o Sr. Silva precisa para guardar 66 ovos?

Mr. Silva can put the eggs from his chickens in boxes that take 6 eggs or in boxes that take 12 eggs. What is the smallest number of boxes that Mr. Smith needs to put 66 eggs?

3rd Grade - Colégio Monte Flor - Portugal

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Kitty the cat

Kitty the cat goes by bus. She has got 4 baby- kittens with her. Three sons and one daughter.  How many legs are there on the bus?

Gabrielė 5a

Saturday, 12 November 2011


A bartender paid 75 euros for 5kg of sausages. How much he would pay for 3 kg of the same kind of sausages?

Goda 5a

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Dear friends,
We have got more tasks for you:-)

1. There are 100 apples and only 5 baskets. How to place all apples into the baskets?
2. My dad had 5 banknotes of 20 euros. He bought a pair of shoes and spent 56 euros. He bought a jumper and spent 25 euros. How much money was left for his coffee?
3. There are 45 apples on the oak. Each branch holds 5 apples. How many apples are there on the oak? :-)
4. One landlord had 5 servants and a big palace of 100 rooms. One servant tidies 20 rooms every day. How many days do they need to tidy all the rooms? Half the rooms?

Gintas, Greda,Rūta

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Saving money

O Vasco recebe 5€ todas as semanas. Gasta por dia 0,90€ no lanche e o restante guarda no seu porquinho mealheiro.

1.Que quantia de dinheiro economizou o Vasco numa semana?

2.Que quantia poupará num mês? E em 12 meses?

Vasco receives € 5 every week. He spend´s € 0.90 a day for his lunch and the rest stores on the piggy bank.

1. What amount of money saved Vasco in a week?

2. How much spares in a month? And in 12 months?

A family

   Mother, father, son and daughter are 194 years together. How old is each of them, if the mother is 10 years younger than the father and she is two times older than the daughter plus four years. The age of the son is half of the age of the mother.
            Ramona and pupils III A from Romania

Are you good at Maths:-)

People eat three times per day. How many times do they eat a week?

A candle burns after 15 minutes. How long it takes to burn 10 candles if they were lit at the same time?

We live in  2011 . What is the total sum  of these numbers?

How much?     2 + 2 – 2 + 2 – 2 + 2 – 2 + 2 – 2 + 2

Good luck :-) 
Laima, Lina and  5a students

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Prime numbers

When my teacher was asked about his age, he answered:
 “My age number is a prime number*, but if you reverse the digits the new-formed number can be divided by 5. Moreover, I wish I live up to this age”.
Can you find my teacher’s age?

*prime number is a number that can be divided only by 1 and itself e.g. 11 is divided only by 1 and by 11.

Πρώτοι αριθμοί
Όταν ο δάσκαλός μου ρωτήθηκε για την ηλικία του, απάντησε:
«Η ηλικία μου είναι πρώτος αριθμός αλλά, αν αντιστραφούν τα ψηφία διαιρείται με το 5 και ελπίζω να ζήσω τόσα χρόνια».
Πόσων χρονών είναι ο δάσκαλος;

6th grade, 13th primary school of Drama, Greece

Greetings from Drama, Greece

Hello dear partners
We are the 6th grade of 13th primary school of Drama, Greece.
We are happy to join you in this project.
I’m sending regards on behalf of the pupils
Dimitra Theodosiadou

Hello from Estonia!

First of all - we are very happy to be involved in such a great project!

Our students have already solved some of the problems. We've had lots of fun!
Now, I'd very much like to post photographs of students' notebooks as answers to this blog but it seems that it isn't possible to post any images as
a comment.
I think pictures from notebooks would make this project even more lively, and it would be very interesting to see how kids from different countries find answers and what the layout looks like.
Can we do anything about it? Of course, several kids work on the same problem, but only the best looking/right solution would be published here. Being published would be
as a prize for kids and I'm sure it'd motivate students to work harder.

Anyway, I'll post our best solution to the fox-bear-fish-problem here.
The author is Silver, Year 1.

All the best!


Saturday, 29 October 2011

The fox and the bear

  In the same time when a fox eats 2 fishes, a bear eats 3 fishes. They eat together 10 fishes. How many fishes eat the bear?

Father and his sons

A father is 38 years old. He has four children: 8, 6, 4 and 2 years old. How many years later the father will have the same age like his sons together (at that time)?

Grandfather Ulysses Collection

Grandfather Ulysses keeps his collection of coins in boxes like this one.
O avô Ulisses guarda a sua coleção de moedas em caixas como esta.

1- How can we quickly count the coins? Explain your strategy to count the coins?
2-  He has 11 boxes like this one. How many coins does he have?

1- Como é que podemos contar rapidamente as moedas. Explica como fizeste?
2- Sabendo que ele tem 11 caixas como esta, quantas moedas tem o avô Ulisses?

Friday, 28 October 2011

An Unpleasant Trick !!!

One day, Ebru asks her friends to give her their watches to play a trick
on them.Just not to make Ebru upset Erdoğan,Gizem,Furkan and Berkay without
knowing what they will face give her their watches.Ebru sets the watches that
she had taken from her friends a few minutes backward.
Before Ebru borrows Erdoğan,Gizem,Furkan and
Berkay’s watches,their watches show the correct time as they are written below
Erdoğan’s watch is 3 minutes back from the actual
Gizem’s watch is 10 minutes back from the actual
Furkan’s watch is 4 minutes back from the actual
Berkay's watch is 9 minutes back from the actual
When Erdoğan,Gizem,Furkan and Berkay take their
watches from Ebru,they realize that there is something wrong because it has
already been too late and they had realized what was wrong too late.
So, in accordiance to this:
1)When Erdoğan’s watch shows 12.35, what time does
Furkan’s watch show?
2)When Berkay's watch show 15.30, what time does
Gizem's watch show?
3) If these four friends went to meet each other
at an arranged time ,what time difference would there be between the one who
comes the second and the one who comes the fourth? ( Taking their own watches’
time in to consideration)

Tial Project Team :)

Hello friends

Dear Friends,
We're happy to join Fun and Maths project. We hope our ideas will be useful for you and your students.

A kiss from Lithuania
Laima and Lina

Monday, 24 October 2011

The School BUS !!!

Furkan is a student at Tevfik İleri Anatolian High School. He goes to school by bus everyday. The bus stop is 10 minutes away from Furkan’s house. The buses runs every 5 minutes from the bus stop. All the buses arrives the school at equal times. (For example if one bus arrives at the school in 15 minutes the other on arrives at the same time. ) The school starts at 8.30 am .Furkan usually leaves home at 8.00 am and he arrives at school just on time.One day Furkan gets late to school and leaves home at 8.13 am.Therefore when he arrrives at school, what time does the time chime?( The first bus pases the bus stop at 7.00 am.)
Tial Project Team !!!

Friday, 21 October 2011

The Cube Painter

Carlos built a large cube with 64 small cubes of the same size. Then he decided to paint with gray five faces of the large cube, as we can see in the picture. How many small cubes are there with three gray faces?

O Carlos construíu um cubo grande a partir de 64 cubos pequenos do mesmo tamanho. Depois, decidiu pintar a cinzento 5 faces do cubo grande, como podemos ver na figura. Quantos cubos pequenos é que ficaram com 3 faces cinzentas?

Adapted by Monte Flor Teacher Rui Lima from Canguru Matemático - Prova Escolar 2010

Passeio à montanha - On a trip to the mountain

Num passeio à montanha,a Maria apanhou um raminho de sargaços e papoilas. Quando chegou a casa colocou as flores numa jarra.
- Que lindo ramo!- disse a mãe.- Apanhaste 6 flores, o mesmo número dos teus anos.
A Maria contou as pétalas dos sargaços e das papoila e disse:
-Já viste mamã, as 6 flores têm ao todo 28 pétalas, é mesmo a tua idade!
1) Sabendo que a papoila tem 4 pétalas e o sargaço tem 5,  quantas papoilas apanhou a Maria?
Explica como encontraste a resposta. Poderás usar desenhos, palavras ou operações matemáticas.


On a trip to the mountain, Maria picked up a sprig of seaweed and poppy. When she got home put the flowers in a vase.
- What a beautiful bunch of flowers! - Said the mother of Maria .- you caught six flowers, the same number of thy years.
Maria found the number of petals of the poppy and seagrass beds and said:
-Have you seen Mom, the six flowers have 28 petals, it is your age!

1) Knowing that the poppy has four (4) petals and seaweed has five (5) , how many poppies picked up Mary?
Explains how to find the answer. You can use drawings, words, or mathematical operations.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Resolve o problema/Solve the problem

Numa fruteira havia 18 pêras, 22 laranjas e 12 bananas. Ao almoço e ao jantar a família da Carolina comeu metade das laranjas e metade das bananas.

1º- Que quantidade de fruta foi comida ao todo?

2º- Quantas peças de fruta sobraram?

There were in a bowl,  18 pears , 22 oranges and 12 bananas . For lunch and dinner Carolina's family ate half oranges and half bananas.

1st - How much fruit was eaten at all?

2nd-How many pieces of fruit
left over?