Thursday, 31 March 2011



1.10 pencils and two pens cost 48 lei and 8 pencils and  2 pens cost 46 lei. How much cost 1 pencil and 1 pen?

  2. 5 pens and 11 pencils cost106 lei and 4 pens and 11 pencils cost 86 lei. How much cost 1 pencil and 1 pen?

  3. If 5 markers and 10 pencils cost 50 lei and 7 markers and 3 pencils cost 37 lei. How much cost 1 marker and 1 pencil?

  4.120 pencils and 100 notebooks cost 840 lei, 150 pencils and  300 notebooks cost 210 lei. How much cost 7 pencils and 7 notebooks?

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Microsoft Mouse Mischief - A "Funtastic" Tool

Dear partners,
Here is a small gift for those not familiar with Microsoft Mouse Mischief. This is a Free Program (add-in) that allows to connect more than one mouse device into your computer, turning your PowerPoint presentations funnier and more interactive. Children can answer from their desks with wireless mouse devices and I garantee you that they will love it. Here is a small presentation I made for our students related to Cubes Constructions! Try it and leave a comment!

To open the document on PowerPoint 2010 or 2007 click on the icon with two squares in the right corner below the presentation and download it to your computer.

You can download Mouse Mischief from the website and you can
have more activities joining Partners in Learning Network with you hotmail or windows live account.
Have Fun and Math with Microsoft Mouse Mischief.

Rui Lima - Colégio Monte Flor