Friday, 8 July 2011


Read The Story and Answer The Questions


Last Saturday Wendy invited five friends for a
weekend campout in her backyard. She paced and
fretted, waiting for Saturday to arrive. When it did,
Wendy’s mother took her to the grocery store early that
“We need to buy the food you girls will have on
your campout,” her mother said.
At the store, they bought:
• 16 ounce package of ten hot dogs @ $1.49
• 11 ounce package of hot dog buns @ $1.98
• 14.4 ounce package of graham crackers @ $1.25
• 10 ounce package of marshmallows @ $1.89
• 39 ounce box of chocolate bars @ $3.09
• 16 ounce bag of potato chips @ $3.29
Wendy’s mother paid for the food and they left the store to go home.
That evening Wendy and her friends got ready for their cookout, Wendy pulled the
food from the cooler and began opening packages. Each paper plate had a hot dog
bun waiting to be filled. Six roasting sticks sprouted hot dogs and hovered over low
flames in the fire pit.
After the girls ate their first hot dogs, Wendy realized that there were only four hot
dogs left. There wasn’t enough for everyone to have a second one. She asked how
many girls wanted another hot dog and three girls called out. Whew! Those who wanted
one could have one.
When Wendy looked at the buns, she found only
two buns were left. She told the three girls who readied
their roasting sticks that one of them wouldn’t have a
bun. One girl laughed and said that always happened at
her home and she could eat her “dog” without a bun.
When it came time for smores, each girl had two.
Everyone went to sleep that night satisfied with the
food, the singing around the campfire, and their

Use information from the story to answer the questions.
Show your work in the space to the right.
1. If there were four hot dogs left after each
girl had eaten one, how many hot dogs total
had been in the package?
answer: ___________________
2. How many buns had been in a full bag?
answer: ___________________
3. How much did the food cost with an
added $.72 sales tax?
answer: ___________________
4. How much change did Wendy’s mother
receive from $20.00?
answer: ___________________
5. How much did the ingredients for the smores
answer: ___________________
6. If each girl used one marshmallow per smore,
how many marshmallows were used in all?
answer: ___________________

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Skills: Adding two-digit numbers

1-James bought a new camera. He took pictures of birds and squirrels
at the park. He took 63 pictures of birds and 24 pictures of squirrels.
How many pictures did he take in all?

Show your work and label your answer.

2-Jenna’s cookie jar had 16 cookies in it. She baked 24 more cookies.
When they cooled, she added them to the cookie jar. What is the
new total number of cookies in Jenna’s cookie jar?

Show your work and label your answer.

3-Justin read 51 pages of his book on Monday. On Tuesday, he read 38
more pages. How many pages did he read on both days combined?

Show your work and label your answer.

4-At her lemonade stand, Amanda sold lemonade for three cents per
glass. On Saturday, Amanda made seventy-two cents. On Sunday,
Amanda made fifteen cents. How much money did Amanda make
during the weekend?

Show your work and label your answer with the cents sign.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


The school year is over and we leave you with an interesting game for your summer vacations! See you all in September!!