Monday, 27 June 2011

Rize tevfik İleri Anadolu Lisesi-TURKIYE WORD PROBLEMS 1

Skills: Subtracting (regrouping), Dozens, Comparing Numbers, Elapsed Time

Martha and Devin were playing Monopoly. Martha had $2,450. She
paid Devin $500 because she landed on his property. How much
money did Martha have left? Show your work. Don’t forget the dollar sign.
Kris baked 2 dozen cupcakes. Don ate five. How many cupcakes did
Kris have left?
Show your work and label your answer.

Compare the numbers below. Use the symbols <, >, and =.

$4.65 _____ $5.64 3,901 _____ 3,091
45,123 _____ 54,321 80,008 _____ 8,888
32,456 _____ 6,998 7,543 _____ 13,129

Dan went to lunch at 3:25. He returned from lunch at 3:55. How
many minutes was he at lunch?
Show your work and label your answer
Miguel walked to his grandfather’s house. He left home at 4:55. He
arrived at his grandfather’s at 5:20. How many minutes did it take
Miguel to walk from his home to his grandfather’s?

Show your work and label your answer.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Partitioning Activity

After Nuria have left us an activity related to Mental Computation using Partitioning, here we are posting an idea to work your students' mental skills! We call it Partitioning Trees and kids love it! Probably you also make this activity with your pupils! If you have other activities please share with us!

Have Fun...and Math!!

Colégio Monte Flor - Portugal

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Hi all,
We have been learning to add and subtract within the context of money. We have used two methods:partitioning and number lines. Which method do you use? Do your children prefer numer lines or partitioning? My class is a Year 3 class (7 and 8 years of age)or Do you use a different one?
Answer these questions using a number line.

One has been done for you.

29p + 17p =

29                   39             44        46

1.           37p + 28p =

2.         72p + 39p =

3.         185p + 57p =

Monday, 6 June 2011

Tevfik İleri Anadolu Lisesi Rize Turkey Problem Pictures

Arcade art

This pattern is on the side of an arcade game machine.

Inside the big circle is a square. Inside that square is another circle. Inside that circle is another square . . . and so the pattern goes on and on.

Measure the diameters of the three largest circles. Use these measurements to figure out the diameters of the next three circles. When you have an answer, measure the diameters and see if you are right.

Does the pattern of circles really go on forever?

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Tevfik İleri Anadolu Lisesi Rize Turkey Problem Picture

Chocolate Bar

How many squares does this chocolate bar have? To answer this question, it may help to measure the photograph with a ruler.

The whole bar weighs 100 grams.
What does one square weigh?

A recipe uses 28 grams of chocolate. How many squares is this?

Tevfik İleri Anadolu Lisesi Rize TURKEY Problem Picture

When you turn over this egg timer, three sand timers measure 3 minutes, 4 minutes and 5 minutes. They cannot be turned over individually.

How could you use the timer to measure 6 minutes?

You could measure 7 minutes by adding together 3 and 4 minutes - but does it matter which you do first?

Is it possible to measure 2 minutes? Is it possible to measure half a minute?

What other times could you measure? What if you had three separate sand timers?

Tevfik ileri Anadolu Lisesi Rize Turkey Problem Picture