Monday, 24 October 2011

The School BUS !!!

Furkan is a student at Tevfik İleri Anatolian High School. He goes to school by bus everyday. The bus stop is 10 minutes away from Furkan’s house. The buses runs every 5 minutes from the bus stop. All the buses arrives the school at equal times. (For example if one bus arrives at the school in 15 minutes the other on arrives at the same time. ) The school starts at 8.30 am .Furkan usually leaves home at 8.00 am and he arrives at school just on time.One day Furkan gets late to school and leaves home at 8.13 am.Therefore when he arrrives at school, what time does the time chime?( The first bus pases the bus stop at 7.00 am.)
Tial Project Team !!!

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