Monday, 21 November 2011

More tasks from Lithuania

  • How many is          111111111111111111111111x0=???
  •  How many zeros will be in a product?
    20 * 40 * 50 * 60 =???
  • Three hens lay 3 eggs per 3 days. How many eggs will 12 hens lay per 12 days?
  • Mummy bought 3 muffins for her 3daughters: Jane, Sally and Polly. One muffin is with apples, the other- with pears and the third one is with poppies. Sally hates apples and poppies, Jane hates pears and Polly likes everything. Help mummy to share muffins to her daughters:-)
  • Jack and Sam are students. Their surnames are Black and Green. Which surnames have Jack and Sam got if we know that Green and Jack don't like History?
  • Good luck
  • Greda 5a
  • Lithuania

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