Monday, 27 June 2011

Rize tevfik İleri Anadolu Lisesi-TURKIYE WORD PROBLEMS 1

Skills: Subtracting (regrouping), Dozens, Comparing Numbers, Elapsed Time

Martha and Devin were playing Monopoly. Martha had $2,450. She
paid Devin $500 because she landed on his property. How much
money did Martha have left? Show your work. Don’t forget the dollar sign.
Kris baked 2 dozen cupcakes. Don ate five. How many cupcakes did
Kris have left?
Show your work and label your answer.

Compare the numbers below. Use the symbols <, >, and =.

$4.65 _____ $5.64 3,901 _____ 3,091
45,123 _____ 54,321 80,008 _____ 8,888
32,456 _____ 6,998 7,543 _____ 13,129

Dan went to lunch at 3:25. He returned from lunch at 3:55. How
many minutes was he at lunch?
Show your work and label your answer
Miguel walked to his grandfather’s house. He left home at 4:55. He
arrived at his grandfather’s at 5:20. How many minutes did it take
Miguel to walk from his home to his grandfather’s?

Show your work and label your answer.

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