Sunday, 12 June 2011


Hi all,
We have been learning to add and subtract within the context of money. We have used two methods:partitioning and number lines. Which method do you use? Do your children prefer numer lines or partitioning? My class is a Year 3 class (7 and 8 years of age)or Do you use a different one?
Answer these questions using a number line.

One has been done for you.

29p + 17p =

29                   39             44        46

1.           37p + 28p =

2.         72p + 39p =

3.         185p + 57p =

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  1. Hi Nuria,
    At Colégio Monte Flor we use essentially the partitioning method! Since the first grade we work partitioning a lot, and kids from 2nd grade can now operate with big numbers only by partitioning! We use it to add and subtract, but also to multiply and to divide! To explore our mental computation we will post more activities for all partners!
    Bye Nuria, continue the great work