Sunday, 4 March 2012

Spring tasks from Lithuania are waiting for you

The distance between Tom‘s house and school is 1 km. He went  2/5 km and remembered that he had left his schoolbag at home. What was the distance he went to no purpose?
Goda 5a

Tom had 7 sweets and Martynas had 5 sweets more than Tom. Eve had 3 times more sweets than Tom and Martynas together. How many sweets did children have all together?
Evelina 5a

Eve had a nice birthday cake. She invited seven friends to her party. How can she divide the cake into eight pieces making only three  cuts?
Rugilė 5a

       It’s Easter Bunny basket with eggs. How many triangles can you see?

Greda 5a

There are rabbits in the forest. They are fed three times every day.  They get 3 kg of carrots, and 2 kg of cabbage. How many kg they get every week.
Rūta 5a

The  ambulance on its way to the hospital met three vans, two cars and a horse. How many cars were driving to the hospital?
Gabrielė 5a

Good Luck


  1. 11 triangles?

  2. Replies
    1. No:-) Only one -because only the ambulance was driving to the hospital. It met other cars moving to the opposite direction:-)

  3. I'm so glad you are trying to solve all tasks. Don't give up. Good luck.

  4. Martynas 12 sweets, Eve 57 sweets, all together 76 sweets.
    better late than never :)

    6th grade of 13th primary school of Drama, Greece