Friday, 19 November 2010


Mr. Wilson goes to a restaurant and has the following salads to choose from:

Base:             -
                      - Lettuce

Ingredients:    - Chicken
                     - Shrimp
                     - Tomato
                     - Ham

Sauces:          - Yogurt
                      - Ketchup
Find out how many salads he can make by combining one base, one ingredient and one sauce

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  1. HELLO,

    My students have found these solutions, being very involved in the activity:

    1.Ravioli chicken yogurt.

    2.Ravioli shrimp yogurt

    3.Ravioli tomato yogurt

    4.Ravioli ham yogurt

    5.Ravioli chicken ketchup

    6.Ravioli shrimp ketchup

    7.Ravioli tomato ketchup

    8.Ravioli ham ketchup

    9.Lettuce chicken yogurt

    10.Lettuce shrimp yogurt

    11.Lettuce tomato yogurt

    12.Lettuce ham yogurt

    13.Lettuce chicken ketchup

    14.Lettuce shrimp ketchup

    15.Lettuce tomato ketchup

    16.Lettuce ham ketchup

    We propose a problem:

    A jar full of water weighs 10kg, knowing that only half-full jar weighs 6 kg weighs know how empty bowl ?

    Marcu Eugenia